We all have a story

As far back as I can remember I felt different. I felt a huge "other" presence guiding me.

As a young child, I saw spirits, angels, and deceased loved ones. I didn't get it until much later I was super empathic to other people's energy and extremely sensitive. 

In 4th grade, my creative writing assignment was chosen as the best poem in the class. My teacher read it in front of everyone. I was so proud. I don't have that poem anymore, but remember it was very magical. I talked about the moon and stars in it. It was a little seed of my future songwriting, blogging and writing. 

I grew up thinking I didn't matter. I hurt on the inside and didn't know why. I became a rebel with a cause and left home at 17 knowing I had a purpose. I was troubled and reckless. The one thing I could do well was sing. I sang other people's music in a top-40 rock band 5-6 nights a week. Very quickly, I had my own band and that is how I met my musical soul mate Mark Watson of AngelEarthMusic

I soon got that I just knew things about people even before I did any sort of training. I was very uncomfortable in groups of people because my intuitive gift of empathy and supersensitivity made me feel anxious and shy, but I felt the comfortable and in my power on stage, always. Eventually I learned how to be more comfortable and the psychic me is totally "out"!  


Your dreams are TOTALLY doable.

I'm obsessed with the knowing that we are connected to "forces of nature" and "forces of good".

I believe with all my heart, mind and soul that something magical and way bigger than we are is ALWAYS guiding us, helping us live out fulfilling and inspired lives. I manifested going on tour. I journaled about it and pictured it in meditation. I played music from my Mrs. Blue & Obsidian CDs around the globe for some of the best audiences.

I LOVE all things boho-hippy! And I'm passionate about animals and their welfare. I get lost in thinking about what I'll wear for an event and obsess over putting on a great show. I believe you never stop growing. 

I am an Aquarius Moon ~ Virgo Sun ~ Gemini Rising ~ making me triple-ruled by Mercury and my Mercury is in Leo.I'm compelled to write songs and words, and my brain is always on fire thinking and thinking. I am a perfectionist. Aren't 99 percent of Virgo's perfectionists? 

Every morning during my Magical Morning Practice I meditate with a cup of my famous chai tea that everyone wants the recipe for. Then it's on to coffee and journaling in gratitude. I love it when someone I'm working with steps into their power, finally starts writing the book, or creating the deck of cards and is giving intuitive readings. The entrepreneur who gets clear on the vision and revamps the whole game. Yes! Shazam!

Releasing resentment and regret literally set us free. Profound realizations and a-hah moments can redirect our future story in an instant. Cutting the cords as we say to the past. These light bulb moments are like a reckoning that things can be more like we want them to be, and we can to begin again from a new place.